Business Casual


Beto Cortés has been inspired by graphic design, even before he knew it could be a career. From the time he was a child living in Mexico, he would collect bags and napkins with logos he liked, hiding them under his mattress to keep his mom from throwing them away. As Beto grew older, so did his love for illustrations. So, after completing secondary school, he enrolled at the graphic design university ITESO. 

While in university, Beto attended a conference where keynote speaker Felipe Taborda explained how every morning he would wake up, ride his bike to the ocean, jump into the waters for a swim, and then start his day. This discussion still stands out as motivation and inspiration to best achieve the ultimate balance. 

In 2010, Beto moved to Vancouver, Canada to learn English with the plan of staying for six months. After receiving a work permit sponsorship, and eventually obtaining permanent residency, Beto worked on a variety of projects, gained a wealth of experience, and is continuously honing his skill. 

With all of this experience, Beto’s central philosophy is to have fun. With each project, the joy of collaboration, new ideas, and exciting ways to solve a problem is first and foremost. Not knowing what project will come to him and the unique way he’ll approach it is all part of the excitement. 

Beto now lives in Victoria on Vancouver Island. He never imagined living on an island, but as the saying goes, never say never.